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Local feller reports multiple bigfoot sightings in the Chugiak area

The events Iím going to tell happened long ago. I feel that I had kept my promise to these creatures. When I was 12 I had my first sighting of these forest people. First let me tell you that all the people that said they know them donít. I am talking about Big-Foot and his kin. There are three kinds; the Oranges, the Browns, and the Blacks. Yes they are a go between ape and human. The shorter blacks are more human like than the others, they walk up right and can use their brain to think. Basically much like humans.

The Blacks are harder to find, but easier to spot. The adult blacks have to hide near a dark place like shadows, which they virtually disappear. They keep the young ones in trees in clumps of debris, Kind of like if you were looking for one, you would see a squirrel nest that looks to big. From a stand still can jump almost 20 feet. Much like a monkey. Their hair like all of their kin is flat and course, someone told me itís a lot like a horseís hair. Their faces are very much like a chimp's face. The smell gives them away like all the rest.

The Browns are the same as the blacks, but a little less smarter, and more aggressive. They will attack if you get to close to their home. Not like the blacks, which just hide and hope you cant find them or see them. The browns use mostly moss to hide. They will hollow out a place under moss to use later if followed. Sometimes will jump into a tree to hide in thick foliage. Other times they will just lean against a brown tree and being very still can almost disappear. The ones that I have seen when leaning against a tree, I had to adjust my eyes to see.

The Oranges are completely different from the other two. They are more ape like with longer arms. Very much aggressive, they will attack mostly to scare. If I had to compare the orange with something the closest I could come to would be the orangutan. They only will hide if they are being hunted or followed back to their nest.

Well by now your probably thinking this guy doesnít know what heís saying, right?

Ok read my story and figure it out.

When I first moved to Chugiak, Alaska. We lived on a loop called Birchwood loop.

There were a lot of trails that went into the forest there. Being a young fellow with my new 22 rifle, I hunted a lot on those trails. My first encounter with one was when my cousin and I were camping out near a railroad track, figuring that the tracks would keep the bears away. About 9pm it was starting to get dark, when we heard something walking fast towards us. It was heavy sounding and I could hear its footsteps as it walked towards us. We grabbed our guns, not knowing what it was. My cousin got closer to the brush trying to see if he could see it. He couldnít so he fired at the noise to scare what ever it was coming at us. It was still coming we started getting scared and then we both started firing at the oncoming thing. I fired a volley of 5 shots at it, my cousin shot about 6. My cousin said that he heard it take some steps back like one of us hit it. At that time we ran to the top of the tracks, about 20 yards away from our camp. As we looked down at our camp, there was something in it destroying the tent and all of our supplies. We never saw what actually did it. It was like a ghost, we saw our stuff being thrown around, but couldnít see what was doing it. The only thing in the way was a spruce tree about 2 feet across. Looking back now I could only figure that it was a brown.

After that it was more like a game between us, I mean he would hunt me at times and I would hunt him. I guess we really made him mad, cause he would follow us around even when we walked the loop to the store at the other end. We could hear him walking just out of site off in the woods. He was letting us know that he was there by occasionally breaking a branch or small tree. One day my cousin and I went behind his house, on a trail that we made to a river called peters creek. We sat down and talked for a little while deciding that it was time to go back to the house we got up and started working our way back. All along the trail was broken trees that lay across the trail barring us from going back that way. I mean it was like something walked along and every so often would reach out and grab a tree and break it over the trail. Knowing that it would take a large person to do that, we figured it was the brown that always followed us. Why he never attacked still makes us wonder, cause he had plenty of opportunities over the next 6 years.

My first black encounter was about a year after we made the brown mad. I was hunting and found a trail of foot prints, thinking it was the brown followed them a long ways until I came to a clearing. The tracks being on virgin snow, I knew they had to be real and not faked. In the clearing the tracks stopped, I looked for signs that it had walked back wards, you know to throw me off the trail, there was none. After looking closely at the tracks I could see that the toes had marks like it had jumped. I looked up and about 20 feet away was a spruce tree. I looked around and I started to smell him so I slowly backtracked.

Later that night while I was in bed I heard a noise outside my window, I was kind of scared, but looked anyway. There he was the black looking in my window at me, he raised his hand next to his face and waved at me grinning. The only thing I could think of was that I had invaded his nest, so he returned the favor.

After that I would see him as he walked by my window at night when it was dark.

My first encounter with an orange was when a group of friends and I were down on a four-wheel drive trail, next to a group of old cars. He stood up about 50 yards away and charged us. Throwing his arms up and puffing his fur up to look as big as he could get.

We got scared and jumped in our cars and sped off. Later when we got close to that part of the forest we would hear him scream first, if that didnít scare us then he would start tearing up the brushes, much like an ape would do to try and scare something or someone.

I am 40 now and I think that I can finally talk about them, cause this all happened in the 70ís. Back in those days when creatures like the big-foot were looking for a place to hide what better place than the forest of Alaska? There is more to my story, but thatís for another time. If your really interested in seeing or capturing one of these creatures let me know and give me a way to get where you think they are and ill find a way to get their attention. Their senses are so acute and living in the forest all their lives they have ways of evading even the best hunter. They live their lives much like a bear would, only they live in family groups like wolfs. Well thatís all I just wanted people to know that when they look for them to think by instinct not what they think is right or what they think is true. Just think about where you would hide, where you go to get away from people.


(courtesy of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization)