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Please allow me to introduce myself

My name Is Micah McGuire. I have lived up here in southcentral Alaska since 1981,

and have been an avid outdoorist since I have been able to walk. I enjoy almost every aspect of Alaska's

untamed wilderness, from hiking on hot summer days to climbing on freezing ice. Lately, I have had so may friends,

relatives, and aquiantances contact me requesting that I take them on various hikes and climbs that I have

decided to open my services up to anyone willing to contact me with an inquiry or request. I started my Alaskan adventures

hiking in the Anchorage area from about the time I learned to walk, completing most of the more popular hikes in the area

while still in the early years of gradeschool. Since then, I have taken up rock climbing, ice climbing, glacier travel,

and alpine climbing (which is a mixture of rock, ice, and glacier travel). I am also privy to many of southcentral Alaska's

most ample lake-fishing spots.

Currently I am enrolled in paramedic school and have an EMT certification (which has its fringe benefits in case of some unforseen

emergency) and am expecting my firstborn, so I am looking at ways to combine my love for the outdoors with ways to make a dollar here and there.

If you are visiting the state, or are even a local who wishes to see what lies beyond the "beaten path," I urge you to give me a call and talk

to me about the possibility of taking a trip into the area's more untamed areas. I garuntee you shan't regret it.

I have much of the gear one would need to sustain one's self during any of the advertized outings, and have connections whereupon

any other required gear might be obtained.

Rates are negotiable, and depend on condition, the particular trip, and the number of participants involved in the excursion.

Please contact me with any questions or requests at and I will promptly return your inquiries.

I look foreward to planning your Alaskan adventure with you!

Best wishes,

Micah McGuire