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Pictures of various pets I've had and other critters I've encountered in Alaska and elsewhere.

Kiliak and Eklutna, our two current pups. Kiliak is a Rott mix and we think Eklutna is some sort of Border Collie mutt.

Kiliak, Eklutna, and Sarah-kitty

That darn cat. Isn't she adorable?

She's a dimented little fiend who nurses on the dog and probably worships the devil in her spare time.

My family's old Chocolate Lab Ruger, RIP. Good girl.

A Bald Eagle at Beach Lake

Another great Bald Eagle shot-Picture by Paxson Woelber

A Sabine's Gull (I think) at Beach Lake

A breeching Orca off of Fox Island

Another Orca off of Fox Island

A Puffin near Fox Island