Flightseeing Trip 5/7/2005

Dr. Barnett took me up on another flightseeing trip this year!

Temptation Peak

Ship Valley

Triangle Peak

Flute and Organ Glaciers

Flute Peak

Organ Glacier

Calliope Mountain

Calliope again

Eagle Peak from the south

Eagle Peak from the north

Polar Bear Peak

Polar Bear summit: note the ski tracks

Beelzebub and the Devil's Mistress

The Eagle Glacier

Mount Yukla

Yukla again

Mount Soggy

Mount Soggy again

Sunlight Mountain with Mount Soggy in the foreground

Looking out over the east fork of the Eklutna Glacier

Rosie's Roost (look closely at the center of the pic)

The nordic ski hut on the Eagle Glacier

Lake George Glacier

Whitecrown Peak

and again

yet again

another one of Whitecrown

After a final shot of Whitecrown, we went back home