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Beach Lake, Chugiak

Fishing at the north end of Beach Lake from a canoe

There is always such amazing wildlife at this lake

A Sabine's Gull (I think)

The fish are seldom monstrous

One of the beavers that have taken over the north end of the lake

About a mile past Chugiak High School turn left on the road indicated by a "Beach Lake" sign. Drive a few miles down this dirt road and you will come to the lake. There is an ample parking area with a decent area to launch boats. You can drive right up to the water's edge, making it pretty easy on boaters. There is also a trail that leads from behind the cabins around the western banks of the lake.

Beach Lake is stocked annually and contains Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Landlocked Salmon. With the exception of the salmon, which we hooked near the center of the lake with a bright spinner, all of the fish seem to be near the edges around fallen trees and lillypads. They bite ravenously on flies when the conditions are right, but are always interested in good, stinky bait.The lake is shallow, and I think winterkill rates are high. With a few notable exceptions, the fish are seldom very large, many below or right around the legalsize limit for keeping.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game Lake Map