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Finger Lake, Palmer

Pictures coming soon...

Finger Lake is one of my all-time favorite Alaskan lakes. It is a good-sized lake with well-established populations of trout, grayling, char, and landlocked salmon. Pike have been reported in Finger Lake as well, but due to the size and depth of the lake, I think the other fish are maintaining their numbers well. Finger Lake is located between Palmer and Wasilla, off of Bogard Road. There is ample parking, but unless you have a state parks sticker on your car, you have to pay to park. There is a nice boat launch for those with motorboats. That said, motorized watercraft and planes can be a problem for those of us in canoes, kayaks, and the like-so keep an eye out!

I've caught fish here off of flies and bait, but have had more luck with the latter. The bigger fish seem to like spots where the water goes from shallow to deep very quickly. Most of the waterfront is privately owned, so fishing from the shore is nearly out of the question. However, a canoe works very well, as would a kayak or raft. In the wintertime, Finger Lake is an excellent ice-fishing spot, and people frequently drive their vehicles onto the ice when it gets cold enough.

The fish here tend to be larger than in many of the other lakes I've fished recently. On average, the fish seem to be around 14"-16" with the occasional 20"+ monster. As aforementioned, bait fishing seems to be the more successful of the methods I've used on this lake. After finding a good deep drop-off, I put a decent bit of weight on my line and some bait on my hook. I drop it to the bottom and slowly reel in, usually catching the most fish near in mid-water on the way up.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game Lake Map