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Matanuska Lake, Palmer

Pictures coming soon...

I've fished Matanuska Lake since I was a child. It is a relatively decent-sized lake that is quite deep in places. There are a number of species present, including Rainbows, Char, and King and Silver salmon. Matanuska Lake is located in the Kepler Bradley state recreation area off of the west side of the Glenn Highway a couple miles after the Glenn/Parks junction. There is ample parking, but beware! There is a gate that often gets shut at night, and can leave your car stuck in the parking lot. There is a pretty rough boat launch for canoes and small watercraft, but it is preceded by a lengthy and relatively steep downhill haul between the parking lot and the shore.

Matanuska Lake is stocked, and the fish here tend to be on the small side, but I've caught the occasional leviathan. Like most of the deeper lakes, bait seems to attract the most fish, but flies and spinners have also been successful for me in the past.

Alaska Department of Fish & Game Lake Map