A tribute to my friend Matt Chriswell, whose example still inspires me to climb.

Sometime during the winter of 2001 I believe, on a hike up Blacktail Rocks. Matt got caught in a miniature avalanche on that hike. It wasn't serious, but it was enough to spook him.

Matt stemming an exspanse between two gendarmes on the rocky southern aspect of Blacktail Rocks.

Matt and Ben in the Lane Glacier area during the summer of 2003, submitted by Jeff Claeson

Basking in the sun on Eagle View, sometime during the winter of 2001

Dry-tooling up the cruddy rock on Eagle View, winter 2001

Bouldering on top of Eagle View, winter 2001

Matt, Isaac, and Tristan scoping possible routes up the cliffs on Eagle View, winter 2001

Matt teaching ascention techniques under a bridge sometime during the spring of 2001

Setting it all up, well-done as usual.

Still under the bridge

Matt jumping over a creek in the Reed Valley area

Matt on rappel above the Snowbird Glacier

Matt and Ben on the Snowbird Wall

An Alaska soldier stationed in Fort Drum is dead. Twenty-year-old Army Pfc Matthew Chriswell of Anchorage died in a single-car accident late last night. It happened in northern Pennsylvania about three miles outside of New York. -KTUU article, July 14, 2003