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Raina Peak 9/06/2004,

Polarbear and Eagle with "Piano Peak" and a tiny bit of Organ in between them

Eagle Peak

Delicious blueberries. The portions of the tundra in Ram Valley are thick with them.

Undoubtedly a well-deserved break

Looking up at Raina

Eagle River Valley and the Knik Arm


Moonlight, Sunlight, Transcendence, perhaps Icicle??<

Rumble, Bellicose, Pleasant in the foreground, etc.


From Left: Polar Bear Peak, Piano Peak, Organ Mountain, Piccollo Peak, Flute Peak, and the shoulder of Eagle Peak on the far right.

Peter's Creek Valley

East Kiliak, Icicle, Old Soggy


Rumble, Bellicose and the Shroud

Korohusk and Kiliak

Cumulus and Korohusk