Temptation Peak Attempt 5/29/2005

The Upper Snowhawk Creek Cabin, courtesy of the man's army (thanks guys!)

Its a dandy little hut with 4 bunks and tons of provisions.

It is very well stocked.

Looking back down towards Ship Valley

The lake at 4045' made the area below the summit look alot like a volcanic crater.

At about 5100' I heard very loud thunder, so I decided to retreat back to the relative safety of the valley. While the ascent took over an hour, the decent took about 10 minutes. I slid on my numb butt almost the whole way down. You can see my a part of my decent route in this picture.

The weather lightened up a bit, so I threw a few sticks for Kiliak in the tarn above the cabin before heading home.

Pretty girl.

Handsome boy.

The remains of the Lower Snowhawk Cabin. You just can't trust the general public with something as complicated as a wood stove.