North Suicide Peak from Rabbit Lake 7/29/2004

Ptarmigan Peak from the Rabbit Lake Trail. This is by far the easiest route up the peak.

The Suicide Peaks and Rabbit Lake

North Suicide from Rabbit Lake

South Suicide

Tristan lamenting the stupidity of our route selection

Tristan snacking on North Suicide with Rabbit Lake in the background

South Suicide from North Suicide

Tristan topping out on one of the many rises along the way

The shallow end of Rabbit Lake looked tropical...brrrr

Myself with McHugh Lake in the background

Rabbit Lake and McHugh Peak

Rabbit Lake again. Someday soon I'll condense this and the previous two pics into a panorama, but not tonight

Ptarmigan Peak from North Suicide

The summit was little more than sliver of rock. Tristan struggling for balance.

Tido with Falls Creek Valley in the background

The obvious route to South Suicide from the summit of North Suicide

McHugh Lake and Rabbit Lake from the summit

Homicide Peak from the Falls Creek side. Much easier than from the north.

Ship Lake Pass and the Ramp

Rocks....or are they??

Yummy Ptarmigan

The col between North and South Suicide from the Rabbit Lake side. It would have been a much easier route.

North Suicide on the way back down the Rabbit Lake trail