Eklutna Glacier

Access details:
-From Eklutna Lake: bike down the Eklutna Lakeside Trail until about mile 13, then you have to walk to the glacier. Actually accessing the glacier from this side used to be much easier than it is now due to glacial recession.

-From the East Fork Eklutna Valley: bike down the lakeside trail until you reach the East Fork Eklutna River. Follow the trail upvalley for about ten miles or so until you reach the base of Bounty Peak. From there, I don't know how one properly accesses the glacier, but I don't imagine it is easy.

-From Eagle River Valley: start at the ERNC, hike up to Twin Falls, and head uphill towards Blue-eyed Lake. The glacier can be easily accessed via Inferno Pass on the west side of The Devil's Mistress

-From Whiteout Glacier: the Eklutna Traverse Route can start on the Eagle or Raven Glacier. It links the Eagle, Whiteout, and Eklutna Glaciers.

Check out JT Lindholm's pictures of this route

Two AMU students die on the Eklutna Glacier-5/9/66

Ft. Rich soldier dies on glacier-6/26/70

Local mountaineering legends die in avalanche-4/12/71

Another Ft. Rich soldier lost to glacier-5/25/73