O'Malley Peak-5150'

First Ascent-July 18th, 1959, Helga Bading, Paul Crews, Johnny Johnson,
Rodman Wilson, and Gregg Erickson (Scree, 7/59)

NW aspect

NW gulley from the Ballfield

The summit ridge from the NW

Not a true peak in that it does not rise a distance of greater than 500 feet above the saddle connecting it with the Hidden Peak and Ramp,
the latter being the true "peak" of the ridge. Its name is assumedly derived from the nearby street "O'Malley Road." It is an easy hike
with spendid views of Anchorage and the western Chugach mountains. A reputedly wonderful ice climb called "O'Malley Waterfall" develops
on the north side of the peak above Black Lake in the winter.

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