Byron Glacier Tunnels, 10/17/2004

We headed up to the Byron Glacier on a very tight timeline hoping to get to the glacier itself. Due to time constraints, and how interesting the tunnels were, we only made it up to the dirty terminus of the Byron and not to the exposed ice. Here is a view of the tunnels in the avalanche/glacier remnants a quarter mile or so in front of the glacier proper.

The biggest tunnel we could see from the front of the avalanche piles.

Dick testing the limits of his intelligence.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Entering the small tunnel we had just walked over the top of.

Inside the eerily lit tunnel

The lighting was etherial

Leaving the halcyon blueness of the tunnel behind for the sharp clarity of sunlight.

Two more tunnels, both nearly melted out

Dick tempting fate at the mouth of a heavily glaciated, very unstable cave. Minutes before this picture, we had listened to the overwhelmingly powerful sounds of unimaginably immense cave-ins occuring a couple hundred feet down in the darkness of the tunnel.

Byron Glacier itself

Dick hiking under an arch.

A gaping hole in the avalanche debris exposing a roiling creek.