On a spring afternoon, me and the soon-to-be wife headed to Eklutna Lake to do some biking, run the dogs, and check out the extent of the snow melt. 5/5/2004

Bold Peak from near the beginning of the trail

It was a hot day under the bright sun, and the pups took advantage of the many streams and puddles along the trail.

Alex and Bold Peak

The thin ice enhanced the glacial blueness of the lake. It reminded me of bubble-gum ice cream.

Eklutna became hot and tired rather quickly

Kiliak, as usual, had no problem keeping up

Klute enjoying a cool breeze

The Pass leading to Peter's Creek Valley and the Wall Street Glacier

Benign Peak and The Watchman

The Mitre

We turned around before reaching the end of the lake because we worried about the prospect of having to carry Eklutna out if she couldn't make it back to the trailhead under her own power. We see here two tuckered out pups.

Two days later we came back with Kiliak to see if we could reach the end of the trail. It was a beautiful day, but we were on a tight timeline. 5/7/2004

Goat Rock

Always wear a helmet

At the end of the lake, we began to hear a loud rumbling like a passenger jet flying at low altitude nearby. It turned out to be a whopper of an avalalnche coming off of the western slopes of Bold Peak.

How ironical

Another fresh avalanche near the Red Spot Glacier

Family picture (minus the 'Klutna) with Bashful Peak in the background

Past the bridge, we kept on truckin'

A really neat arete on the northern aspect of The Mitre. I'll bet there are some sweet rock climbs up there.

We ran out of time about two miles before the glacier and had to turn around...but not before taking a few pictures.

Peril Peak and the Eklutna Glacier

The Mitre

Kiliak and the Mitre together in the same picture!

Awww, good dog.

A dramatic silhouette with the Twin Peaks as a backdrop


Jagged spires and walls on Benign