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After several days touring around the London area, we took a 1 Ryan Air flight to Shannon, Ireland and spent about a week in the southwest part of Ireland.

In a lovely garden just outside of Shannon (not my sister)

Three crazy squirrles

The Pied Piper of county Kerry

Interesting stalactites in the first cave we went to, dubbed by the owners as "Ireland's Premier Showcave!"

A cute abandoned citadel by the side of the road along the Ring of Kerry

Just hanging around

Sentimental beach graphitti (kisses...more kisses)

Getting my feet wet at the beach along the Shannon River, which at this point was an inlet, not a river.

The gals at an ancient circular fort, one of many that dot the countryside

I want this for my yard. Too bad it belongs to Daniel O'Connell

Gigantic Devil's Club

Most of the road along the Ring of Kerry was this type of 1-lane, cliffside, bike-trail-sized death road equipped with tour busses to pass every couple of miles. I'd have rather preferred a go-cart to a car.

9 in the morning, and this Irish blaggard was already three sheets to the wind. TURA LURA LURA LIE!! Hey black woman, wanna hold me sheep?!

Fungie, the friendly dolphin of Dingle

Another random, abandoned castle along the coast of the Dingle Peninsula

Artistic beached boat shot

The Three Caballeros

One of the few shots that proves my mom was indeed on this trip.

Horseback riding in the hills above Dingle

An eager cattle-dog at our farmstay outside of Dingle

A famously bizzare road along the Dingle Peninsula

The Ogham Stone, where people swearing to one another oaths would stand on the graves of the anscestors and touch fingers through the hole in the stone. This be big swear.

At the Cliffs of Moher

And that was the last time they were ever seen....

The tall, rotten limestone Cliffs of Moher

A dramatic Irish sea

The Burren, "where there are no trees to hang a man" but there seem to be enough rocks to stone him to death.

An ancient table-like structure in The Burren

All the mussels had crabs

Enjoying the night life at McDermott's Pub in Doolin

The Caeli Bandits at McGann's Pub in Doolin

The Apalachian Hippie at McGann's

Twins at a touristy castle/village (ID later)

Peacock feathers

One last guinness, and its back to the UK

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