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After a fun-filled week in Ireland, we concluded our trip with a few more days in and around London

No trip to England is complete without a visit to Stonehenge. Who built it? Was it druids? The Irish? The Devil? The truth is out there...

A fake version of King Aurthur's legendary "Round Table" which itself is so big and old it has become famous.

Kew Gardens, where the birds wouldn't take "No, get the hell away from me" for an answer

Alex with her face deep in a blossoming chunk of heaven

Alex's eyeball

My eyeball

Dad's eyeball

Big Ben from the boat we took up the Thames

Big Ben and the Parliment tower

A very interesting fish tank at the London Aquarium

A school of fish, one of whom displays a reflection cast from a sign across the room which displays the number of tons of fish eaten by people this year (or something to that effect).

Mean looking shark

A very large pike

Yummy-looking lobster

An interesting picture of this spherical fish tank

Skate and Ray petting zoo

An eager flounder

Two flounders overlapping each other on the bottom of the tank

Alex enjoying more roses

Three beautiful women

A cool picture of a rose

Another cool picture of a swan

A crappy picture of Buckingham Palace

A sentry taking his job very seriously

Our last British experience of the trip (besides the duty-free), Les Miserables at Queen's Theatre

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