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The happiest day of my life, 8/14/2004

Pictures by David Jensen Photography

Cita the flower girl

The women

Nick and Rosendo

The guys helping each other out with the tuxes

Dick and Kristy...awwwww!

A last ditch effort at escape....just kidding

The lucky guy, that's me

Aunt Baby working her magic with the camera

The Bride and the Father of the Bride

Tristan, the best man, looked like he just rolled out of bed. He'd make a great hobbit with that haircut.

Rosey and Vanessa

Me and my Pops

Here comes the bride! Cameo by Josh

The opening prayer

Two happy lovers, oblivious to anyone else

"Let no man put asunder"

It was a beautiful, serious ceremony with many humerous touches.

Do you have the wing?

The kiss that made it all official

Relieved to be off-stage

The wedding party waiting in a back-room for the guests to clear off.



The Vasquez's with the new McGuires

Mysterious and beautiful

My side of the family

Kenn and Esther Cragg

Rosendo and Rosemary Vasquez

Pat and Sylvia McGuire

Posing with my grandfolk

Bridesmaids goofing off

Alexandra and her maid of honor Angela

My sister, Shannon, posing with my new bride



Two pretty girls


Me and my best man Tristan



Baker, who is not quite as tall as I am

Gazing longingly


The rings

We were driven to our reception in a 57 Chevy convertable. It was a rather nice car.

Off we go!

Time to party!