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We had our wedding reception at the Millennium Hotel, 8/14/2004

Pictures by David Jensen Photography

aThe head table, where all the cool people sit

Alex and her Godfather. We made him leave his tommy-gun at the door. A kiss like that? Its an offer I can't refuse. As long as its not the kiss of death.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our wedding fund, particularly Rosendo, whose retirement I'm sure we set back a couple of years.

Alex's co-workers from Dr. Jacob's office

Hank and Georgia

Tristan offering a toast

Angela giving her speech

Baker saying a few heart-felt words

And a wise word from the father of the bride

And a sort-of-wise word from my dad. I like the eyebrows.

Cutting the cake, generously donated by our friend Juan.

Delicately feeding each other slices of cake. No food fight for us.

Groomsman, Groom, and Bride

This didn't work as well.

The first dance

Father-daughter dance

Mother-son dance


Steve is way too cool for this planet

Uncle Joe can really get down

The garter hand-off

The recipient

The dollar dance

I broke the bank

Baker breakin' it down

Romantic picture with Lake Hood backdrop

If I drop her, she falls right into the lake, and my marraige is over.

The unorthidox Groom-sister dance

On the way to Girdwood to stay the night at the Alyeska Prince Hotel!

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