Serenity Falls 4/26/-4/27/2005

On a sunny april day, we decided to take the pups and bike back to the Serenity Falls Hut

Starting off down the lakeside trail

Keeping up with the herd. My sister and a friend came with us until we reached the far shore of the lake, then turned around. We continued on to Serenity Falls.

The pass leading to the Wall-Street Glacier and Peter's Creek Valley

The Klute luxuriously soaking in one of her many mud-spas along the way.

Coincidence??? maybe!

Avalanches in the Red-Spot Glacier area

Kiliak in proud form

Bashful Glacier

Chickenshit Gulley

Our arrival at the Serenity Falls Hut

An avalanche tear-assing its way down the Mitre

And another

Peril Peak, western aspects lit in the dusk sun.

The Mitre

The top of the big coilour visible in the previous shot of the Mitre

Alex preparing our wonderful steak dinner. The hut was well stocked and in excellent condition when we were there.

That ain't water in that nalgene bottle!

Chug! Chug! Chug!

My mouth tastes like burning....

Good times

Kiliak messing around on a frozen avalanche-toe. Moonlight Peak in the background, along with its closer neighbors on the sides.

Kiliak and the Mitre

Bellicose Peak?

Moonlight Peak?

The terminus of the Eklutna Glacier

our nice warm wood-stove

Peril in the morning, with the sun on the eastern aspects of the mountain

Looking up towards Benign from the hut.

Saying goodbye to a very luxurious hut

Bald Bird

Eklutna Lake from near 8-mile Creek

Kiliak treed a squirrel. Good times.

A bear napping on the Eklutna Lake ice

Two tuckered pups