Williwaw Lakes/Ballfield Loop

A hike to Williwaw Lakes, Black Lake, Deep Lake, and the Ballfield

We started at Glen Alps and worked our way around the north side of Little O'Malley into Middle Fork Valley. Before long, Mount Williwaw came into view.

Kiliak with Mt. Williwaw in the background

As we approached Mt. Williwaw, bad weather decended into the valley.

At Williwaw Lake

The shallow water was a gorgeous blend of blues, greens, and yellows.

Kiliak enjoyed fetching sticks.

We matched our skills with a boulder sticking out of the water. A fall would mean a cold bath! I fell; Dick stayed dry.

Then the seagulls began to attack!

From Williwaw Lake, we turned uphill towards O'Malley Peak and hiked up to Black Lake. This is Williwaw Lake from the trail up to Black Lake.

Black Lake with Middle Fork Campbell Valley below.

The steep NE face of O'Malley Peak above Black Lake.

Walrus Lake in the distance

Deep Lake