Eagle Peak 8/05-06/04

Tristan cooling off near the western end of Eagle Lake

Eagle Peak suddenly came into view

Symphony Lake and Triangle Peak

Eagle Peak

Looking down Eagle Lake towards the South Fork trailhead

Past the lake and into the marshy riverbed. Note to self: cross the creek and the beach at the and of Eagle Lake to find the trail on the left side of the valley.

The waterfall, and the first major uphill part of the trip

The wall of Eagle Peak by the waterfall reminded me of a castle.

Eklutna, who is not an avid hiker, cooling off in a creek.

Looking back towards Hurdygurdy near sunset

The Fulte Glacier

This goat kept a watchful eye on us as we set up camp.

Tristan and Rob at "camp," which was no more than sleeping bags on the bare rocks. It was a cold, sleepless night, except for Rob who slept like a baby.

Me and Rob himself

Playing with stinky goat hair

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