Our friend Dr. Barnett took us on a flightseeing tour in his plane on 5/10/2004

Our flight would take us from Merrill Field north past Eagle River and over Eklutna Lake to get a look at the mountains there. Then we would fly around for awhile over the Knik Glacier and head south over Lake George and the Colony Glacier to Harriman Fjord. We would then head southwest over the Harriman and Twentymile Glaciers to the Turnagain Arm where we would angle northwest and head up through Crow Pass to the Eagle River Valley. I really wanted to get a good look at possible routes up Polar Bear Peak, so we circled it several times then headed down Eagle River Valley and back to Anchorage.

Me and Alex at the plane

Me and the good Dr. reviewing the maps

Alex is strapped in and ready to go!

Looking across South Fork at (from left) Polar Bear, Eagle, Organ, Cantada, and Calliope

Mount Rumble and the Peter's Creek valley

Mount Rumble

Bellicose Peak and The Shroud

Bashful Peak, the Chugach State Park high point at 8005 feet

almost above Eklutna Lake looking at the mountains at its eastern end

The east end of Eklutna Lake, The Mitre dominating

Benign Peak

Peril Peak and the Eklutna Glacier

and again

Bashful Peak from a more northwesterly angle

Baleful and Bashful

The Hunter Creek Glacier

Another of Bashful and Baleful

The Knik Glacier and Mount Goode

Knik Glacier and the Gorge with Colony Glacier and Mount Nuir in the background

Knik Glacier ice

The vast expanse of the Knik Glacier

crevasses deep enough to conceal houses

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