O'Malley Peak-2/25/2004

The view up Powerline Valley with the Wedge and Ptarmigan Peak dominating.

On the Football Field

The gulley of our choice

Looking down from the gulley on the Football Field

Stopped for a pause at the top of the gulley

The Wedge, Ptarmigan, the Suicides

The summit ridge

An imressive view of Mount Williwaw. Also included in this shot are Mount Rumble, Blacktail Rocks, Vista Peak, part of Concerto Peak, and others.

Hidden Peak from the summit of O'Malley

Summit pose

An impressive jumble of peaks all lined up in a row. I believe this is Concerto, Ewe, Flute, and Organ all lined up single-file. If so, wow! What an incredible view!! If not, I am not sure what peak this is, but its pretty dang gnarly-looking.

A summit panorama

O'Malley Peak Trip Report