Me and Dick went across Portage Lake to see the glaciers on 1/16/2004

Small icebergs suspended in the ice

Dick engaged in sexual congress with the iceberg

As we rounded Byron Peak, Portage Glacier suddenly came into view

Portage Pass leading to Whittier

Another shot of Portage Glacier

A little B&W

An odd hole at the top of a serac, perhaps an old uprooted moulin?

Begich Peak to the northwest of the glacier

A poorly colored panorama of the glacier

Me and my new skis a few hundred feet in front of the glacier

Likewise, Dick and his snowshoes

Touching the glacier on land near the Burns Glacier, hang on, I've got a pulse!

Baird Peak (on the right) and Shakespeare Shoulder

The temperature was probably close to minus 20F that day, and it made for one refreshing hike!

Not at Portage, but during the same cold snap, my wife with frost on her eyelashes and hair

Portage Glacier Trip Report