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The next day

Tristan hiking into the rock glacier cirque

Tristan is the blue speck, Rob is the red speck with white legs.

Hiking under what would be our descent route.

We headed from the rock glacier back towards the Flute Glacier. This ridge was an easy hike up.

The ridge from Eagle Peak to Flute Peak

Flute Peak on the Organ Glacier

Organ Mountain

Mount Beelzebub and the Devil's Mistress

The eastern side of Eagle Peak with the Fledgling on the left. Further back and on the right is Heritage Point

We climbed the false peak on the far left, then traversed to the gulley in the center and headed straight up to the summit ridge

The western terminus of the Organ Glacier

Polar Bear Peak on the left, Yukla in the center, and the eastern face of Eagle in the foreground

The Organ and Flute Glaciers, seperated by the north ridge of Flute Peak

Polar Bear Peak

The summit with the Tordrillo Range in the background

Tristan surveying the landscape from the summit

Kiliak, Yukla, and the Icicle Glacier in between.

A 360 degree view from the summit

The Organ and the Flute

From left-Ptarmigan Peak, The Ramp, Mount Wiliwaw, Hidden Peak, and O'Malley Peak

The route up to Blue-eyed Lake

Looking down from the summit at Echo Bend

We signed the register, which is hidden right under the cairn

Eagle and Symphony Lake, and part of Anchorage in the background

The Kinglets

The descent was down a trecherous class 4 scree slope with plenty of scrambling over cliffs and things,
so I didn't take any pictures until we got back to camp.

Yours truly drinking glacier water back at camp before going home

Kiliak took a much-enjoyed swim in Eagle Lake

Fetching sticks

Looking back at what we'd climbed

Some interesting faces Rob made along the way.

Trip Report

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